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Interstellar (PG-13)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

In a world lost to time, where history is distorted and intelligence is downplayed... Some still strive for excellence. This world is no longer in need of scientists and engineers, what we need is farmers. A global food shortage has brought us to a new level of life. Those few that refuse to give up on knowledge are the few that will change the world. However the goal is no longer to change our own world, the goal has become finding a new world. The journey will transcend space and time. The theory of relativity has never been as prevalent as it is now. What does that mean... It's hard to explain but the movie does it well. Those that embark on this journey, they face the unthinkable. They leave everything and everyone they know for there to be a future. Is there a future without a past? What they find is definitely not what they expected. Will they save humanity? Will they ever make it home... Or are they lost in time... The story answers itself but is not what you might expect. A story that builds slowly but is well worth the wait. All of the pieces fall into place as the actors/actresses become their characters... We feel what they feel and feel like we are there. A select few don't fit within this description but that doesn't take from the story. Bring patience for the first half and tissues for the second... It delves into deep details, conspiracies, and science. Maybe not for all but if you love science or sci-fi... This will become a favorite.


It just didn't seem like it was going anywhere. It didn't seem to have direction. I just wasn't able to get into it, I'm not a sci-fi fan but these are my 2 cents. - Dennis

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