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Officer Downe (R)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

Officer Downe is the cop you send in to deal with the baddest of the bad guys. He will never stop, he will always get back up until the job is done. But the job is never done is it? If an officer goes down he stays down right? Not Officer Downe, he’s a kind of a sci-fi, supernatural flesh version of Robocop. He’s an experiment of science. We learn of an accident that left him in a perfect state to become what he is today. Is he machine, is he a man? Well, he is a man but with seemingly minimal emotion, minimal pain, and a whole lot of rage towards those who break the law. A Frankenstein’s monster kind of deal you could say. It’s very reminiscent of a bloody Tarantino style cop movie with the blood and shoot-em up stuff we see. That makes it cool to some and to others, it may just turn off all together. Who was he/is he? How can he come back from being blasted like that? This is the “mystery” of why bad guys are scared of him but at the same time, it possesses them to hit him harder and harder to see if he can really, truly die. Through all this, you actually start liking Officer Downe and realize the true cost of his secret power. Like the sound of this? Love it, hate it but most likely there’s your extreme. You will either like what it’s trying to do with the action and mystery or you will hate it. So I guess you should watch it and find out. There’s not much thinking involved here so your brain will thank you for shutting it off while it’s on.

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