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Open Season 3 (PG)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

It's the beginning of spring and Boog awakens from his hibernation just in time to plan an annual guy's trip with his best buds. However, all of the guys happen to have other obligations that have popped up and so Boog decides to go on the trip alone. As much as he tries to have fun, it's just not fun doing everything alone. Just as Boogs about to head home he runs into a Russian traveling circus. There he meets another bear named Doug and ends up switching places with him for a day, or so he thinks. Doug has been trying to run away from the circus for some time and jumps on the opportunity to switch with Boog promising he'll be back in a day. Little does Boog know, Doug doesn't plan on coming back and instead takes his place among Boog's friends.ᅠ However, Boog doesn't seem to mind being in the circus after meeting Ursa until he finds out that they will head back to Russia soon. Will Boog be shipped off to Russia? Will Elliot and the others notice Boogs, not Boog? Find out in this cute family fun animation.

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