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Playmobil the Movie (PG) (3.75)



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out of 10

The Review

Marla and Charlie are doing their best to make it work. They're on their own, Marla works hard to make ends meet and Charlie retreats into his fantasy world to find any peace in the chaos that is life. In an attempt to normalize the chaos, Charlie runs off to a real-life version of his fantasy realm. As Marla chases after him she'll soon find herself lost in fantasy as well in order to find Charlie. Along the way, she'll find unexpected help from some very unlikely friends. The adventure will take them through many different worlds and help them to understand and experience life from each other's perspective. When they come back to reality, will they bring some of that magic with them? or was this just pure fantasy?

PlayMobil is a movie that in general has a theme that is targeted at the youngest of audiences (preschool/early elementary), but the story goes beyond those boundaries in an attempt to reach an older audience. In doing so the base story derails a bit, even though it comes full circle at the end, it falls short.

There is a bonus scene in the credits that if you've made it that far you'll want to see.

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