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Reminiscence (PG-13) (6.0)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

Memories, they shape what we do and who we become. What if there was a way to revisit memories? Are there moments that you would want to witness or are the moments better left to the past? With the assistance of a powerful drug and a special machine, it is possible to revisit the past. Sometimes, it's refreshing to revisit what once was but it can also be chaotic. Even though it's possible to revisit the memories, nothing can be changed. Knowing that, what is the incentive... It's simple, we're addicted to the past. The moments that made us or broke us. Those moments that we would rather forget and others that are unforgettable. They all come together to form our lives. This particular story is about a man who is determined to find answers to someone in his past. The answers that he finds aren't what he was expecting and the chaos that ensues from it. It's important to pay attention to the little details as the story could become confusing if not following it closely. A twist at the end will surprise you and bring the story full circle. Are you ready? There is much more to this than what is initially seen.

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These two had incredible chemistry in The Greatest Showman and in this presentation, that chemistry is brought to fruition. Is it everything you expected or ??? Share this review and let us know on social media using the hashtag #CircusSongbird

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