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Run the Race (PG-13) (4.25)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

After two brothers lose their mom to cancer, they find themselves on their own. Their dad has turned to vices in order to escape the loss and in turn abandoned the boys. A loving family friend is all they have in the world besides themselves. Between work, school, and sports, they don't have time for much else. It keeps them focused on their dreams though, to earn scholarships and escape the life that they are living. When one of them suffers a TBI Traumatic Brain Injury on the field, his hopes for the scholarship are dashed. That doesn't stop his brother though from working twice as hard to earn his scholarship to get them out of there. Everything seemed to be working out until an ACL injury sidelined him as well. Football was no longer in their future. Feeling that their futures were in jeopardy, one of them would push themselves until the breaking point in another sport. Track and field, the scholarship may have escaped their grasp in football but maybe this could work. The only catch is it involved getting a doctors clearance. With a TBI, that wouldn't be easy. Even so, he was risking today to have a chance at tomorrow. When the day came for the big race, a tragedy would change the plan. With the help of some that the boys are close to, they might still have a chance. Will they escape their lives? Will their family ever find its way? Or will life crumble around them? To answer those would spoil the story, it is something that must be experienced to be understood. Though it's not for everyone, it will have its audience, and amongst those, it will become a favorite.

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