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The Best of Me (PG-13)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

Love? Romance? What is it that truly guides our hearts? In this tale we once again see the characters come alive through the hands of Nicholas Sparks. Dawson and Amanda, two teenagers from opposite sides of the tracks. When destiny brings them together, nothing can tear them apart. The "first" of the important moments stay with us... Even when what couldn't be torn apart is. Actions and consequences of those actions sent their lives on different paths. Ironically, only heartache can reunite them. When they lose someone specifically significant to both of them they are able to find one another again. They didn't find something lost, they realized they'd never lost it. The journey they embark on will be filled with many twists and turns. Ultimately the only way to heal a heart is to break one. This novel brought to screen once again shares a unique love story. It's a little slow, the characters are what draws you in when the plot thins. Come, enjoy, and bring tissues... You may be perplexed at times but stick with it... It's worth it.

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