Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason (R) (2004)

Comedy, Drama, Romance | 108 min
5.0 Stars (5.0 / 10)
bridget jones the edge of reason

Movie Info

  • Countries: UK, France, Germany, Ireland, USA
  • Languages: English, German, Thai
  • Registration 40982

The Review

Bridget is back. Her life has changed a lot since we saw her last. She finally has everything she’s ever wanted… Or does she. Just when it seems like it’s within her grasp, someone else strolls into her life; complicating matters even further than before. There’s a major dilemma though, each of them has something that she wants. If she could only combine them, she’d be set… but as we know. That is impossible. The men that she loves: couldn’t be more different. One is a prim and proper attorney, one is a fun loving self absorbed playboy, so which one will she end up with? If any? This story is a comedic adventure that will take you along whether you want too or not. Though Bridget is still immensely charming and awesomely awkward at the same time, there is something missing. What is it? There are multiple things it could be, though each person may interpret it differently. Should you embark on this journey through Bridget’s life? If you’re a fan of the first one, this definitely continues the story, but if not… You won’t be missing much.

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