The Disaster Artist (R) (2017)

Biography, Comedy, Drama, | 103 Min
(5.3 / 10)
the disaster artist

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The mystery behind the man or the making of “The Room”… Which is it? That’s what is about to unfold before our very eyes. Tommy Wiseau, an unusual man who lives an unusual life. There isn’t one thing that defines him, except maybe that nothing does. Everything about him is a mystery, he keeps to himself and opens up as much as it benefits him to do. In that, he never gives away too much information, and the information that he does give out makes the recipient wonder as to the nature of the information. Now that may sound a bit confusing, and it is, but that’s Tommy. One of his dreams is to make it big in Hollywood, he wants to become a big Hollywood star. When he faces rejection after rejection, he chooses to do what no one else was willing to. Throughout the project, he’ll expose more of himself than he ever intended (or maybe that was the point), and in doing so, he’ll be vulnerable for the first time in his life. What we see here is the making of that story, the triumph, and the turmoil. When the project is completed and it’s time for it to be unveiled to the public, the reaction will not be what he expected. Even in that, there is something to be said for what it was. What that was is as unique as each person that experiences it. This definitely isn’t for all audiences, the subject and content could be more than you expect. There are those though that will appreciate what Tommy did, through everything. Will you embark on this journey? Who knows…

There is a bonus scene with the credits as well as a side by side comparison to show you something extra.

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