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Black Sea (R)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

There are moments in life where decisions must be made. Those decisions affect our life as well as the lives around us. When a key pieceᅠis taken away, we will do just about anything to protect that which we hold dear. An opportunity is about to present itself to someone who has lost everything. In order to make this work he will need more than his wits to pull it off. A sunken U-Boat, millions in gold and the men that might be able to pull it off. Each of them will have a job to do and each of them will get an equal share. What happens when one by one, they begin to realize that their share increases when there's fewer to share it with. The benefit of fewer crew members is obvious but so is the downfall. Only time will tell who will survive this quest for an unimaginable treasure. What seems like a cut and dry hunt for treasure turns into much more as there is conflict between the men on many levels. These conflicts will be tested when the icy cold water around them reaches a boiling point. Such a simple idea, such a complicated story. There is strong language throughout that goes beyond the obvious frustration and becomes more of a crutch that takes away from the story itself. It becomes easy to root for certain characters but it is just as easy to get bored too. The ending is worth waiting for so don't give up on it just yet.

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