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Every Thing Will Be Fine



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out of 10

The Review

A young author is at a crossroads, in his life and in his ability. He has hit a writing block which only further complicates his personal situation at home. He and his partner have different ideas on where they want their lives to go. This in itself creates an impasse. A tragedy is about to change everything in his life. This circumstance hits him much harder than he initially lets on. Using the emotionally charged situation, he is able to create a new world to exist in. Both in his life and his writings. As his new successes surround him, he finds himself sinking into the depths of depression. Why though? It seems that this tragedy triggered something within him that even he didn't realize. Only time will tell what this singular moment will mean for the future. Is there justice in such a situation, if so, what could it be... This is a deep story that goes farther than most to make its point. There are moments of brevity in the midst of the tragedies that befall the characters involved. The subject matter and some of the language involved test the boundaries of what the age range for this should be. I would say at a minimum this should be PG but more fittingly PG-13 simply because of the topic. Though this won't appeal to all, it has an audience. Is this the product it intended to be? That's up for debate but this is a deep drama that will draw you in until the last moment...

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