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Trolls World Tour (PG) (6.0)



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out of 10

The Review

The trolls celebrate their lives with music. That seems to be working for them, that is until the hard rock troll queen decides that she is going to take over all of the music and make it all hard rock. Queen Poppy knows that she must intervene before the rest of the music is silenced forever. Along the way, she'll also learn a powerful lesson but not before she must pay a steep price herself. Poppy will come face to face with many different trolls that she never even knew existed and only upon meeting them is she able to learn what it will take to save the music. When she realizes what she must do, will it be too late? She must risk everything she has left in order to find out. There will be a few surprises along the way but the story goes much further than the original Trolls movie with much more meaning to the story itself.

Where the original was aimed at a much younger audience, this one has a wider audience but it is still has a target audience of younger viewers. Music lovers of all ages will appreciate the approach and introduction to a new generation, all while being kid-friendly. It is a bit goofy (as you'd expect) and in this instance, it adds to it. Should you decide to take a chance on this, you just might be pleasantly surprised. If you're a troll lover already, you won't want to miss this sequel.

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