Earth to Echo (PG) (2014)

Adventure, Family, Sci-fi, Found Footage | 91 min
(5 / 10)
earth to echo

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    What do you get when you combine “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”, ” Super 8″, “ET” and “Wall-E”??? You get one of the sweetest kids movies ever. There are 3 boys, that are having their lives turned upside down by a freeway. On their last night together, they set off on an adventure into the unknown. Following a signal to a map that leads them to a new friend (Echo). Seeing this story from the eyes of these kids brings a different point of view rather than one as an adult would see. After they find their new friend, all he wants to do is go home. The boys follow the clues that Echo provides and they begin a journey that changes them forever. This entire trek is documented by the boys. Their video cameras and smartphones are much more than they appear. It’s so refreshing to have a kids movie where language isn’t an issue. No inappropriate situations, and family friendly.ᅠ Definitely a movie for kids of all ages. The twist at the end will leave you smiling. Stay through the credits for an extra surprise. Bring your friends, bring your family and fall in love with Echo.

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